Last week a colleague decided to make his laptop a cup of tea. The laptop didn’t like it (not enough milk I think) and threw a hissy fit* before going in the huff. He needed a laptop similar to his to take with him on a business trip this week and, as I was off for three days last week, I offered mine to allow him time to get it all setup properly. Ain’t I nice.

The deal was that his laptop (the one in the huff) would be sent away (presumably for therapy and group hugs) and I’d take it when it came back. I figured if it was sent away on Wednesday last week then I’d have a replacement by Wednesday this week, or Thursday at the very latest.

When did they send it away?

Friday afternoon.

Feckin arseflaps. Essentially that means I’m without my laptop for the week, and I’m not expecting a replacement until Monday NEXT week. I’m currently stuck on an old, tiny screened (10″) redundant brick. It takes about 20 minutes to start, presuming you can find the crank handle. Needless to say I’m a bit pissed off. Well I was, but a wee stroll at lunchtime has helped.

* Blew the motherboard, his hard drive was OK.

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