Life on Air

As we now have a smaller car, the trip through to Loch Lomond yesterday required one of us to take the train (I’m convinced that one of the in-laws suitcases contained only alcohol and cigarettes, I digress). I quite enjoy a leisurely train journey and jumped at the chance knowing it would give me some time to relax and finish off a book I’ve been reading for a while.

David Attenborough: Life on Air (currently only £3.99!) was a present (at Christmas I think) and I highly recommend it. If you enjoy the man’s natural history programmes then you’ll find this book fascinating. It recounts his entire working life, with many anecdotes surrounding the filming and techniques used. He has an excellent turn of phrase and I got the distinct impression that the majority of his life has been spent, not only doing something he enjoys immensely but laughing constantly.

If you are looking for a book to take on holiday, I’d suggest this. It’s very easy to read and compellingly fascinating.

And no, I don’t know if compellingly is a word.