Other news?

What? You mean you are getting bored with all this music and T in the Park stuff?

So, what have I been up to? Well this month is a nightmare for us, so many birthdays! Niece Megan (Happy Birthday!!), nephew Mark next week, our mate Ian last week, work colleague Kirsten (Happy Birthday!!), and then we’ve got another work colleague leaving (Claire), another getting married (congrats Irfan!). Of course most of these collide – Kirsten/Megan, meaning I’ll miss dinner and drinks tonight for Kirsten (unless we can catch up with them later, although it’s generally NOT a good idea) – Mark/Claire, another night out that I’ll try and tag along to later on…

Then the in-laws arrive on the 21st to stay with us for a few days so we’re busy making sure the garden and house are ‘up to standard’ (the garden isn’t thanks to all this flipping rain!) as you do when parents visit. They are over from Spain for six weeks or so to escape the heat, so there will be BBQ’s and dinners and stuff to do whilst they are over.

Ohh and I really need to get my tax return in before September (don’t laugh, it’ll creep up) and need to investigate the mortgage as I’m sure the fixed rate period ends in August.

Aside from that, I’m currently reading Sir David Attenborough’s autobiography, and very interesting it is too, more on that later (if I remember).

Ohh and my parents just left for a week in Portugal, so I’d better remember to phone my Gran tomorrow night.