T in the Park #2

Sunday at the X-Tent

So here is Sunday’s list of bands for the X-Tent, once again, if you have any suggestions let me know. At some point next week I’ll write up who I’ll be trying to catch, your vote can make a difference!

  • The Stands – Heard some of their stuff, not overly moved.
  • Hope of the States – never heard of them.
  • 22-20s – hmmm they had a single in the charts recently, or in an advert?
  • Sons and Daughters – who? Aussie soap I thought?
  • Buck 65 – Yeah heard some of their stuff, not bad, already on my ‘maybe’ list.
  • Thirteen Senses – Interesting name…
  • The Dead 60’s – no idea.
  • The Open – ditto.
  • Nine Black Alps – ditto.
  • The Golden Virgins – ditto.
  • Polly Paulusma – ditto.

Tomorrow we move to the King Tut’s Stage.