It's Monday morning. Ain't that great! The birds are singing, the sun is shining, a light breeze ruffles the leaves in the trees. Ain't life grand.If you want to achieve a similar outlook on a Monday morning simply follow these instructions - they worked for me:1. Ensure your personal listening device (iPod) is playing something


Not only is the title of this post a rather good album by the Pet Shop Boys (one of my favs), but it also sums up the last few weeks of both my life, the real bit, and my life, the blog bit.Got a lot going on ya see, and I tend to be bad

Man Dig Hole

.flickr-photo { border: solid 4px #C0C0C0;}.flickr-yourcomment {}.flickr-caption { color: #666666; margin-top: 0px;} Front Garden - top view, uploaded by Gordon. So here are the results of a heavy weekend's work - just to the right (out of shot) is a large 30 year old cherry blossom tree. Roots everywhere meant fun with an axe, definitely

All quiet

Working at home has it's advantages. I get oodles more done as there are no interruptions, impromptu meetings or random co-worker distractions (I'm as good/bad as anyone at all providing all of these mind you). Yet home working is still viewed with some scepticism.Sure it means you can structure your day differently than a 9-to-5

Twuntage: Redux

So, having made several calls I've gotten to the root of the problem and found further justification for dumping 1&1.The story:Yesterday I received an invoice from 1&1. It had no payment date on it, but I recalled from their T&C that it needed to be paid within 14 days and they would attempt to take

Sods Flippin law

UPDATE: WWW.GORDONMCLEAN.CO.UKBookmark this now, as that'll be the 'new' site URL. I'll setup to redirect though as well, so hopefully you shouldn't notice a thing. (Ha!)Edited: Days after saying I was getting on with them 1&1 screw up again. here I come. If the site is down for a few days soon, that'll


The Blogger way.Miniblogged this yesterday (Hello) and it seems very clever - Biz Stone gives us an overview of this extension of Blogger's services.Come in MT, your time is up?? 😉


Bank of Scotland I salute you.You changed the online banking system so I can no longer see what transactions are happening in my account.You also changed the phone banking system and having spent the last 8 minutes navigating your 'new improved' system (improved for who?!) you now want me to wait to have my new

Keep on rolling

Blogroll here has been updated, some sites removed, one added: Hello Pink Socks!As ever, if I've removed you and your are a bit miffed, let me know and I'll probably add you back on. Equally if you link to me already and you don't feature on my blogroll it's probably because I don't know about

A lesson in design

Normally I'd post something like this in the miniblog but it's too good to 'lose' in there.If you are at all interested in web design you'll know the name Jakob Neilsen, he's been around since the dawning of (internet) time. Many other designers take umbrage at the things he says, whilst agreeing that he means

Michael Moore

I've toyed with posting this several times in the past few days, but a comment on one of yesterday's posts helped me make up my mind - namely.. bugger it, post and be damned!Michael Moore is in the news again. He seems to becoming more and more prominent, especially since I saw him speak in

INTJ … I think

I remember going on a management training course and taking a Belbin test. It's designed to help you create a perfectly balanced team with the right mix of ideas people to "do-ers". I think I was pegged as the type of person who takes an idea and expands on it, plans it then hands it


One key advantage of wearing a good set of headphones whilst working (other than drowning out the voices and distractions of the office) is that you suddenly realise that the backing singer on the song Turn and Run, from Neil Finn's excellent album One Nil is Sheryl Crow. Going back to her roots?