Growing on me

OK, having used the new Blogger in anger for the best part of the week, rather than my reliance on the BlogThis bookmarklet, it is definitely growing on me.

I like the fact that if you muck up the HTML in a post it warns you.
I like the fact that any draft posts can be seen in the main posts list. so I don’t forget about them.
I like the fact I can easily add a BLOCKQUOTE to a post.
I like the fact that they sorted out the ‘Add a Link’ button.

(They still need to get the comment system sorted out, HaloScan is looking very good when you stack it next to Blogger’s offering)

Yes, it’s growing on me. Is it growing on you?

And of course there is all the hoohaa over Moveable Type’s new “Developer Edition” and it’s pricing structure. I’m not going to comment on it as I don’t use it so I’m not best placed to criticise, but you have to presume the people at Blogger are watching it unfold (and hit the fan) with some interest. I’d be interested in finding out if it WAS a coincidence, or whether the Blogger announcement has forced Six Apart’s hand…?

I am convinced this is the kind of move Blogger will make at some point, however they have the advantage in it being a hosted service so the Blogger “Developer Edition” will more than likely be structured round the previous Blogger Pro offering. More goodies if you pay. It’s a simple enough equation for newer Bloggers to get to grips with as well, requires only a small marketing push to sell, and little effort on the part of the user.

Only time will tell.

(BTW – I’m still a tad hacked off that all these new templates are available, some of us have sweated blood getting the hang of this CSS layout stuff and all those newbies get all that for free… grrrr)