I'm in love

She’s a little bit kooky, her mood swings are unpredictable, and her choice of hair colours is questionable. I’m in love with Clementine Kruczynski.

Ohhh sure, it won’t last. It’s a temporary thing, the thrill of the unexpected trailing in the wake of her impulsiveness but hey, what a ride it would be.

For those who don’t have an earthly what I’m wittering on about, the wonderful, vivacious Clementine Kruczynski is Kate Winslet’s character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Odd film, but the longer it ran the more I started to enjoy it, and Jim Carrey is very good at this kind of everyman role.

A nice message of enduring love, well scripted, well acted, well shot. If you liked Lost in Translation you’ll like this. If you didn’t like Lost in Translation – go see Van Helsing.

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