Almost, but not quite…

Still got a couple of things to sort here, I tried to add a stylesheet switcher but couldn’t get it to work, initially it’ll only offer the same look but with a bigger font size (for my visually challenged readers). I’ve shuffled a few things around, and you may need to refresh the page to get the banner (above) to display properly, but I’m quite happy with the results – I’ve still to go through the rest of the site but it all works. One ‘funny’ is just how different it looks here on my work laptop as opposed to my home LCD. The colour tweakage may continue…

Ohh and there is a slight glitch with the Show/Hide Blogroll, in that you have to click it twice to get it to work but that was a fudge at best so it’ll need to do. And no, it doesn’t ‘remember’ it’s settings, but I’ve hidden the archives by default as I’m guessing most people will use the blogroll a lot more than the archives? Right?

Now, can anyone say Scottish Blogs BETA? Or, My Kinja?

UPDATE: The Scottish Blogs BETA isn’t fully operational – there are only 8 or so sites in the database, the “Add Your Site” form doesn’t work properly as yet, and the member login isn’t in place and… a few other things I can’t remember. I’m posting the link to try and put some pressure on myself to get it finished.

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