Anyone know where I can get a sheet of rubber, about half an inch thick should do it…

It’s our washing machine you see (I know what you were thinking, perverts…) I’ve tried wedging it with bits of woods and all sorts but ultimately it ends up shaking them clear. It’s set to spin at 1100 rpm which isn’t that high I don’t think, and we Louise is very careful not to overload it…

It’s driving me nuts to be honest, I’m hoping to deaden the vibrations by standing it on some rubber, because at the moment it’s spinning away and I can feel the vibrations through my seat in the next room (ohh for goodness sake, stop snickering).

So, any suggestions?

This reminds of a conversation my mates and I had in the pub a few years ago.. something about washing machines anyway … we all paused at the same moment, knowing that we’d finally hit ‘middle-age’ – we were having a conversation about washing machines!
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