Bravo Communication

I’m not a Moveable Type user, nor do I use TypePad, but that’s not the point.

Having just read: Mena’s Corner: Where did those 22 other people come from? I’m struck by the honesty and courage it took to write it. It’s an honest appraisal of personal and company failings, and I’m sure it will be reflected on in the months and years to come, hopefully in a positive manner.

It’s a lesson that other companies could learn from, and not necessarily just small ones. It’s so much easier these days to communicate with your customers, to give them an insight into your company and create an emotional bond. The Abbey National is a good example of refocussing their company as more ‘user-friendly’ (well, marketing it as such anyway, I’ve no experience on the actual workings of the company). It all falls into that ‘brand’ loyalty idea, Apple being one of the prime examples.

Are Apple computers BETTER than any others? For my needs my PC does what I need, as would an Apple. The same can be said of this site, Blogger does everything (almost) I need, as does Moveable Type. Does that mean Blogger is BETTER than MT? Well for me, possibly yes. For others, probably no. Each to their own. I’ve no real idea why I stick with Blogger, other than I feel some affinity to it, I kept up with company developments via various blogs, and had a real emotional connection. It was like watching a kid grow up, I guess…

Anyway, BRAVO Mena Trott and everyone at Six Apart. You’ve reacted the right way to criticsms and that can only help bolster both your position, and people’s affection. I guess NOW might be the time to switch?

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