Sea of Red

Did The Darkness deserve their awards? When will we hear the promised collaboration between Jamie Cullum and The Neptunes? Are Dido, Daniel BeDING!field and Busted the best we can offer… really??

And, more to the point, how hot was Scarlett Johansson. I’m developing a serious crush, and she could soon join Lisa Snowdon, Helena Christensen, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonce in my all time top 5, Kylie had better watch out.

In saying that, Ms.Johansson didn’t come across too well in the little ‘after-show’ bit with the ubiquitous Kate Thornton (currently languishing in 7th spot) but Jamie Cullum did:
“Are you drunk?”
“err.. yeah.. are we live? Ohh Jesus Christ….”

I especially liked the way he re-appeared with a bottle of champagne and glasses for everyone. That boy will go far.

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