Bees in Utopia

I’m not a big watcher of TV, the usual stuff leaves me cold, hence my request last week for some suggested watching. Needless to say that I only tried one new show last week (Jake 2.0 which was.. well not very stimulating). Being off work and having the TV completely to myself has it’s bonuses though, the documentary channels get hit quite hard, and I’ve been catching up on 24, and kicked off a few downloads of Angels in America (something I’d meant to watch but, once again, didn’t).

However tonight, on BBC at 7.30pm, I’ll try and remember to watch “Bee in your Bonnet”. Maybe. I dunno, the ideal behind it is good, but I get the feeling this will become yet another ‘reality-ish’ show, where ‘real’ people get a helping hand from an ‘expert and we see the before and after shot before heading down to B&Q to buy the paint and … crap, see what I mean, I’m confused already.

From the write up on the BBC News Magazine site, it starts off in a territory I’m familiar with (and one I’ll discuss here) before heading off into “Changing in the Jungle with a Celebrity” hell.

The interesting bit, for me, would be an exploration of the DKDC Party (Don’t Know, Don’t Care) which I have one foot in, and if I’m honest I’m completely part of. I just happen to be staring out the window to see what’s going on..

The political climate in the UK is full of apathy, and I doubt many people would be able to defend the view that a lot of politicians have no earthly idea what ‘everyday’ life is… although I’m sure some Scottish MPs would claim that they do (Rosie Kane is living proof that Scots will vote for ‘the wee lassie ta gie her a shot’). I could give you a first hand example of an incredibly smart guy I went to school with, was fairly friendly with and has recently become a Scottish MP or the Green party but I don’t want to name drop. I digress.

I vote. I’ve spoiled more papers than I care to remember, and have actually voted only a handful of times. Like most people around the country, I am only really concerned with the issues that concern me, that affect my neighbourhood, my commute to work, my bank balance. We are a very selfish society on the whole, and I see no signs of that changing any time soon, surely that should be a key issue for the politicians? Build a country again, not just a place that people inhabit. Some civic pride would help on so many fronts, but I guess that’s too hard, so lets just up the car tax, penalise those law abiding citizens who pay their bills and contribute to society…. aahhh spot the flaw in the argument.

Maybe WE need to build the society WE want.

Sheesh, it’s no wonder social networking is so popular. Utopia anyone?

(This post was brought to you by Douwe Egberts, and the letters C, A, F, E, I, and N)