Romantic as hell

Note: The following post contains romantic imagery. Those of a weakened romantic disposition should look away now.

No flowers, or chocolates, just a drive to a cosy pub in Biggar, a roaring fire, and a wholesome pub lunch. A leisurely wander round the town and a meandering drive back, stopping to take pictures here and there (although when the sun began to dip, streaming through some clouds in the distance, could I find a place to stop the car? Could I hell..).

Home for dinner, Beef Wellington, baby potatoes and mushrooms. All hand-made by yours truly. A rather delicious Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, and then a Chocolate and Almond Torte made by the missus. A few liqueurs, some music, some dancing, and then…

[insert image of post-coital cigarette]

What a lovely day.

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