Temporarily Destroyed

Hydragenic is on hiatus, as I’m sure most of you will know. I can understand why. Take the time you need mate.

I may be heading the same way. Ohhhh arse, what am I saying. I know fine will this is another ‘off’ day where I can’t be bothered thinking about things long enough to compose something sensible for here… whaddya mean that never stopped me before!

Information overload is an old topic these days, and seems to have faded into the background, but is probably more valid now than it ever has been. Take your surfing habits. Well actually, let’s take mine as I know them better than yours.

I have a start page (hand-crafted in Notepad!) that loads every time I start my browser. I receive ten daily newsletters by email, on a variety of subjects (mainly IT related). I read the Metro on the way into work, and as I have my blogroll(s) loaded into my start page I quickly scan them to see what sites have updated over night (although this doesn’t work for all the sites…)

Over the last month I’ve been easily more active in the ‘comment boxes’ of all of your sites (give or take), and averaged over 120 unique hits a day to my little corner of the interwebnet thingy.

Then I think… ohh better post something to my site.

Since starting the miniblog (over on your right), I’ve made a conscious effot to write better (OK longer) pieces here in the main ‘content section’. I was thinking I’d get back to the roots of why I started this site, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Evolution is the reason. This site, like it’s owner, has progressed.

Not sure where this is heading, but it’s been bugging me all week.


Normal service will resume. Sometime.