Month: <span>January 2004</span>


Feck, where did that come from? One minute blue skies, the next whiteout.

Of course today is the first day for 3 weeks that I’ve NOT brought lunch in with me. Feck.

Still, at least someone will be happy.

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MyDoom Virus starts to hit.

“Post this on every message board you can find. Get the word out. If you have a friend or family member who does not understand how to operate an anti-virus, please check that they are updated and protected. If you know someone running anti-virus on an e-mail server, please tell them to turn off the bounce feature.

I received this virus 8 times yesterday, 10 times last night, and … (just checking…) 5 times since 3 a.m. this morning.

The best piece of advice is (and this is not new!): DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS FROM PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW!

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Finally getting the reading bug again. Does anyone else have the same on/off thing when it comes to reading? I’m either reading 2 or 3 books at the same time, completing them all in the space of a week or I don’t read a thing. Odd.

Anyway, last night I finished Life, A Users Manual. It was a bit of a chore but quite rewarding. There is so much detail and description that it requires a fair amount of attention to get the most out of it but the reward is all the more complete for it. The underlying premise is the story of a building and it’s inhabitants over a generation. Throughout the book the inhabitants of each room are described in minute detail, and it is this detail that will either make or break this book for you. Some may find it overly fussy, others will marvel at the recording of the tiniest detail. Character development is well rounded if not particularly advancing, but then it’s not supposed to be. Ultimately, this book will have it’s fair share of lovers and haters.

So, if you are looking for something a bit different, and a bit heavier than the usual round of ‘pulp fiction’ I would give it a try.

Next up Hitchcock on Hitchcock (with the Counte of Monte Cristo waiting in the wings).

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MySQL. How do you setup a new database?

I know my host supports it, but that’s the limit of my knowledge. Rather than spend an evening aimlessly surfing I was kinda hoping someone out there would have some pointers/suggestions/offers of free help…

Answers in the usual place please.

[UPDATE: Found my hosts info on setting up PHP on MySQL, all is right with the world again. To those who have already commented, many thanks, I WILL be consulting you later on!]

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Last Thursday I suggested a collaborative joke, this is the outcome. I’ll let you decide it’s humour value (i.e. if it’s higher than zero…).

A monkey, a dragon and a rat walk into a bar…
The barman looks at the monkey and says…
“I’ve seen plenty of rats in here but I’ve never seen one of those”…
The dragon turns to the rat and says.. “that’s nothing mate, you should see the size of his….


Thanks to Green Hamster, Penny Farthing, JH, Simon and Peter (in that order).

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OK who submitted my last post to I’m flattered, thanks!

Now, everyone else – get over there and vote for me! (it’s not about the content, it’s about winning!!! Muwahahahaaaa)

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“It’s nice to be nice”

I used to think that was yet another cloying sentiment, a snippet of the wisdom of ye olde worlde. I used to scoff at people who said it, I used to mock them.

Now? Now I’m turning into one of them.

I consider myself selfish, self-serving and occasionally rude. I do not really care what other people think of me. OK, that’s a lie, I do not really care what strangers think of me, and that allows me some ‘old grumpy man’ style freedoms.

Take, for example, the journey home this evening. We took our seats on the train (a rare occurrence in itself), sitting next to the doorway that joins the carriages. Now I fully understand that these doors are designed to open to facilitate the movement of passengers between the carriages (and I have to begrudgingly concede that they, as doors, fulfill that requirement to the full), but there is a flaw in their design. People.

People who throw the door open so it catches me square on the elbow. People who then glance round at me as they stride through, as if I had deliberately thrown my elbow out to meet the door. People who manage, in that briefest of glances, to convey the utmost despise for someone they don’t know (I tell you, it’s just as well I’m thick skinned). People who then proceed to stride out, leaving the door ajar and swaying to the same rhythm as the train.

People who stop and turn to glare when I, pointedly, slam the door they’ve left open.

It’s not too much to ask is it? A quick apology, even that kind ‘eek, sorry’ face would do (you know the one, where you pull the corners of your mouth back and down, teeth clenched… ach you know what I mean) but no, nothing.

And don’t get me started on the kitchen in our office. Disgusting. If I was invited over to certain co-workers for a meal I’d have to decline. I’ve seen they way they treat a kitchen, dishes left clogged with drying food, the sink full of used cutlery and bits of lunch. Soggy strands of lettuce clinging to the knives and forks like a man washed overboard, drenched, hanging on for dear life lest he be swept away into the drain below him. How long does it take to rinse your plate, and place it in the dishwasher provided? Or rinse that teaspoon, dry it (hell, flick it dry if needs must) and place it in the glass provided? Obviously too long. Yuck.

It’s this kind of thing which manifests itself later as road rage. The build up of all these, seemingly inconsequential, moments of thoughtlessness that churn inside you all day, only to be manifested on your journey home. The slightest provocation is all that is needed to push you over the edge, typically another small act of thoughtlessness.

So, tomorrow, be nice. Don’t let that door swing back into someone’s face. Let someone else get on the bus before you, thank someone if they do something nice for you, and apologise if you do something rude.

Either that or stay the hell outta my road!

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