Bloggies Votes

Here’s who I voted for and why… ohh and I’m posting this partly for my own reference (cos I’ll forget this when it comes to next year). Excuse the small type, but it’s a long list!

Best Meme: 100 things about me
I’ve not done one, but LOVE reading other people’s (Blogshares was a close second but I never really ‘got’ it).

Best article or essay about weblogs: A blog is a blog is a blog
Because of all the articles, it was the one I identified with the most and the easiest.

Best weblog directory or update monitor: Technorati
Mainly because it’s the one I use the most (and because blogrolling gets my vote for…)

Best web application for weblogs:
I paid for it, so I’d better vote for it!

Best Australian or New Zealand weblog: brainsluice
A weekly read for me, always informative and entertaining (and Loobylu won last year)

Best Asian Weblog: Antipixel
The only site on the list I’d heard of and is also a weekly read (ok ok, fortnightly) – I may or may not have borrowed a few ideas from his colophon…

Best African or Middle Eastern weblog: Wind Spirit
No regular reads here so I took some time to peruse each site – Wind Spirit was fresh and thoughtful, as well as a little bit silly (which I like)

Best European weblog: Textism
An occasional read for me – should I be using familiarity as a reason for voting?

Best British or Irish weblog: Green Fairy
Hard choice this as it features two regular reads. But her fairyness wins out for more diverse topics.

Best Latin American weblog: NO VOTE
Decided not to vote on this category as I don’t speak the required language for four out of five of the sites.

Best Canadian weblog: Going Canuck
Nicely designed and well written, and an interesting back story too.

Best American weblog:
A process of elimination this one, The Gothamist is too exclusive, Wil Wheaton I’ve never really ‘got’, Dooce STILL has Xmas decorations up (tenuous? what?), Boing Boing will get a vote later on.

Best tagline of a weblog: C:PIRILLO.EXE
Hey, I’ve been Lockergnoming since ’96…

Best photography of a weblog: Daily Dose of Imagery
Tough decision but I’ve already blogrolled this site so it MUST be good.

Best non-weblog content of a weblog site: Weblog wannabe
A recent find for me, so a no-brainer when it comes to a vote.

Best programming of a weblog site: Scripty Goddess
Should be prayed to often, and is!

Best weblog about music:
Why? Where do YOU get your music info?

Best weblog about politics: Instapundit
Only one I’ve visited more than once.

Best web development weblog: The Daily Report
Has given me more good links than I can remember.

Best computers or technology weblog: Gizmodo
Gadgets rule! (convincing ain’t I)

Best topical weblog: Belle du Jour
Best of the bunch listed there, and IS funny and well written (and no I’m not getting into another Guardian argument! Leave it!)

Best GBLT weblog:
Ernie (LYD) got my vote last year, and Tom deserves it.. well he doesn’t really, let’s be honest, should this even be a category? Or should the nominees at least BLOG about being gay rather than just being gay (if you know what I mean).

Most humorous weblog: Little Red Boat
FINALLY one of my nominations (see, I did nominate some of you!). Anna is funny. I dare you to argue.

Best group weblog: Boing Boing
Told you they’d get a vote later on. A daily visit, always full of .. well stuff of varying quality, but it’s always full.

Best community weblog: MetaFilter
Just keeps on going – works because you never know what your going to get (like a box of chocolates…)

Best-designed weblog: What do I know
I downloaded that font you know, the one used in the title for this site. “Something” doesn’t look right with it though…

Best kept-secret weblog: Musings from the underground
On my blogroll, always worth a read, and modest with it too.

Best new weblog: NO VOTE
Dunno any of them, and from a quick look don’t think I’m gonna find out either. Are these really the ‘Best’?

Lifetime Achievement: Heather Champ
She was inspirational when I was just getting into web design (I may have ‘borrowed’ a few ideas from her), has contributed a lot, and is all round legend material.

Weblog of the Year: Weblog Wannabe
OK, I have a soft spot for this site, I admit it. But hey I ain’t voting for the Australian Prime Minister, Cory is doing OK without the awards, and I’ll think of other reasons for the other sites later. Weblog Wannabe is smart, personal, moving and everything a good blog should be, addictive.

Phew – that’s that done for another year – maybe I’ll get nominated in 2005….