Wetter than a wet thing

Still raining. Drip has vanished though.

We’ve cancelled plans for a double header at the cinema as it’s not the kinda day where you want to venture out, so it’s a TV day, just finished Gosford Park (which was excellent) and tonight it’ll probably be Tomb Raider 2. Both were borrowed and we are notoriously bad at watching these things in a timely manner. We’ve had Gosford Park for about 4 months now, amd I’m determined to watch Tomb Raider 2 as I only got it from my mate on Friday (does it matter that we’ve not seen the first one? I’m thinking not, in a ‘bit like Bond movies’ kinda way…)

Ohh and now we have hailstones. Just after Louise has nipped down to the supermarket… lovely..

Hot chocolate anyone?