Meant to say

Apologies for it being a little slow around here, I may also be missing from your comments boxes for the next few days, because:

  • (Side) Project X is finishing up – cue last minute rush (no link as it’s a secret.. sshhhhh)
  • Heating is slowly giving up the ghost again, radiators getting colder in proportion to the weather, will need to phone an engineer soon (once I’ve been paid for the above work)
  • Site hosts screwing my account (still to be properly sorted – see below)
  • My full-time job (I really must get rid of it, it keeps getting in the way)
  • Return of the King tomorrow night.
  • Work Christmas ‘do’ on Thursday night (here again, was good last year)
  • Finish Christmas shopping on Friday (hahahaha.. more like ‘recover from hangover’)
  • Start re-design of myowncdrom (you didn’t think I’d leave it like that, did you?)
  • Carols by Candelight on Monday night


Looking forward to Christmas Day this year especially as I’ll be working on Christmas Eve, which doesn’t feel right at all.