I need stitches

In the immortal words of… some man .. some place.. That was Fan-fuckin-tastic!!

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, suffice to say (although it’s not really I could waffle on about this for ages… well.. paragraphs…) that he covers the usual diverse topics, horses, dentists, the bible, christmas, bananas, dna, the pope… and so many more I forget, frequently seems to get lost down some absurd train of thought before he manages to turn it all round, link it all together and has you crying with laughter.

Also spotted Dominik Diamond (sitting a few seats along from us) and Greg Hemphill (him fae Chewin’ the Fat) sitting about.. ohhh 30 rows behind us, as our seats were in the very middle section, seven rows from the front. Not bad for nothing (did I say thanks Keith?).

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