Tonight, tonight

No, not West Side Story, nor Genesis or even the Smashing Pumpkins (mainly because they haven’t reformed.. duh) but Eddie Izzard on his SEXiE Tour.

Sold out for weeks it was, but thankfully I have a very very very good friend (he’s such a great guy, I really can’t say enough about him…) who works ‘in the business’, who knows a man, who knows a man, etc etc and so forth, that can get me tickets. Yay!

Louise misses out as she’s out for the night, but I’m sure Stuart and I will cope.

Ohh and Keith, mate, THANKS!

Now, can I take my camera? Is that allowed (both legally and ethically/etiquettely)?

I’ll report back later. izb is going tonight as well, and I’m not visiting Alex as he went last night and don’t want to read anything about it – see my Willpower post yesterday (no, there’s no link, just scroll down you lazy bastards!)

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