World AIDS Day

I don’t know where to start. Just this morning another news article about rising figures in the UK, are we heading back to the hedonistic days of the 80s? Haven’t we got the message?

“The global HIV/AIDS epidemic killed more than 3 million people in 2003, and an estimated 5 million acquired the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)โ€”bringing to 40 million the number of people living with the virus around the world.”

The Link and Think campaign urges participants to publish links, discuss personal stories, comment on news headlines, and more. The frustrating thing is why we need to at all. The information and knowledge is already out there, yet people seem to be choosing to ignore it. A quick fuck, a quick hit from a shared needle, such transitory pleasures. Is society to blame? The buy everything, do everything now, faster, faster, faster environment we find ourselves in may be one of, the many, traps which are causing the figures to rise again.

In parallel, the ban on using mobile phones whilst driving is seen as the first step towards making that activity socially unacceptable, something I thought had already been achieved in the fight against AIDS.

Yet it doesn’t seem to be going away. Do we make the message harder? Shock treatment? Or try harder to educate? CAN we do more in this country? Or are we resigned to the fact that AIDS cannot be beaten? What do we do when we reach 100 million HIV+?

Picture this: How many people work in your office, or live in your street? On average 8,000 people die from AIDS every single day. CAN you picture that?

And the reason that you, statistically, don’t directly know someone who is HIV+ or has died after contracting AIDS is because 95% of all AIDS cases occur in the world’s poorest countries.

Today is World Aids Day – do you have the time?

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