(OK, second attempt to post this, first one disappeared into the ether)

Most of my news, as regular readers will know, comes from the behemoth that is the BBC News website. The only reason I mention this is to confirm that I visit it a lot. OK, agreed?

So you’ll understand that the following item was gathered from there as I happened across it, I wasn’t looking for information of this sort at all… and to be honest I kinda wished I hadn’t read it now..

WARNING! If you have just eaten I would let your stomach settle before reading on…

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers: “His patience was rewarded when a brown worm-like creature emerged from his right nostril and looked around.
‘I swear it had two beady eyes on it. And it came out two or three inches, looked around and then retracted. I thought it was a dream, a vision of some sort.’ “