I'll have a P please Bob…

My brother-in-law works for Compaq/HP, they have a scheme where, at the start of their year, they can ‘purchase’ additional holidays. Nice touch that.

It got me wondering if there is any chance I could buy some extra hours in the day from anyone? Surely some of you layabouts have a few spare… I mean if everyone gave me, say, 30 mins of their time I might actually get through the weekend.

Yes I know my usual – ohh crap I’ve got a busy weekend – post normally happens on a Friday but I am THAT busy at the moment.

Here are the weekend ingredients:
Work is busy, that’s a constant. I’m also doing some extra work for a friend which needs to be done by Tuesday at the very latest!. Add in a belated birthday night out on Friday night, finishing laying the bathroom flooring (my back’s fine now, thanks), and a Stereophonics gig on Sunday night, squeezing in some (erk) Xmas shopping, shake and pour over crushed ice.

All I need now is a straw so I can enjoy my ‘howthefuckamIgonnadoallthis’ cocktail… Mmmm mmmmmmmm stressfulicious!

In short, keep an eye on the miniblog, probably all I’ll have time for…