Privacy International Media Release about the Snoopers Charter.

The what? you ask. Well whilst the government was keeping us all occupied with the ID Card proposal, it was pushing a new law through the House of Lords. This law will allow “The data β€” relating to who you phoned, who phoned you, mobile phone location, emails sent and received and websites visited β€” [to] be handed over on request to dozens of government agencies.”

There are two clauses that temper this slightly, although I doubt by much:

  1. “the oversight body must let people know when their privacy has been improperly invaded”
  2. “the government to report to Parliament the extent of overseas access to personal information stored by communications providers”

It has also been suggested that this law is illegal under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (now where are the people who say we won’t be governed by Europe? Will they allow it now?)

Just because they are out to get you, doesn’t mean you are paranoid.

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