I always get a bit down at this time of year. It’s the same thing every time, that last minute rush to get things done before time runs out and a new year begins. Add to that the soul-destroying, rage-enhancing experience that is christmas shopping, and I end up very drained and typically I catch a cold, flu or something over the festive season.

So as I sit here with a sore back, with a ¾ of the bathroom floor done, hoping to finish off some work, before starting on some ‘other’ work for a friend, I’m thoroughly and royally pissed off. Would anyone mind if I just go to bed and get up in 2004?

In a similar mindset, and conscious of the fact that I don’t like to mention my workplace here, I feel stifled and constrained, but not for long… my old friend apathy was welcomed back recently.

Roll on Christmas (which I do actually enjoy when the time comes).

This post was brought to you by a complete lack of coherent thought or direction.

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