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Watching Michael Moore. Never seen him on stage, nor read any of his books but I am aware of what he stands for and what he represents.

I do know I’m not entirely convinced by all of his arguments (the ones I’ve read in newspaper articles or recalled by friends) and if he does fabricate, or at least bend, the truth, I’m pretty sure it’s the right way – if you see what I mean.

However it is always interesting to get a different perspective, something that is crucial when you are discussing a ‘radical’. The highest profile website of this order appears to be who, at first glance seem to descend to ridiculous arguments far too easily (an example) and certainly don’t seem to want to challenge what he is saying. If you know of better resources please let me know – I’m looking for balanced arguments here not school-yard, right-wing extremists too blinkered to know what a discussion is.

I am looking forward to tonight. I’m guessing I’ll agree with a lot of what he says, and acknowledge the rest as being worthy of discussion. Although I am guessing that the debate in the pub afterwards will be.. er.. interesting. Devils Advocate? Me? Hell yes, I love a good argument discussion.

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