Directors Cut

No Matrix last night, instead we popped in, booked tickets for Alien: The Directors Cut, and head for some tapas at La Tasca (reliable if slightly forced in atmosphere in my opinion).

Now I should confess that I’ve never seen Alien in it’s entirety, I’ve probably seen about 80% of it in dribs and drabs, so this was my first straight through viewing.

I must say I was disappointed with the Directors Cut. It wasn’t very subtle and I can only presume that Ridley Scott was having a dig at the commercial-ism of modern films when he stopped the film 30 minutes in to show 2 minutes of adverts (how he got the two guys at the front to rush out and get the film re-started I’ll never know, but was a clever touch).

OK, seriously then. I was disappointed, not majorly just… slightly… peeved. Having never seen the entire film, I think I’ve been affected by the numerous parodies and stolen scenes since. However that doesn’t take away from the well crafted movie that it is, the atmosphere, and building of tension still works, and that big Alien thing managed to give me the heebeejeebees.

The most annoying thing about the movie was the man in the third or fourth row who, upon hearing his mobile phone ring, proceeded to answer it and start a conversation. “I’m at the cinema” “Watching Alien”. If he was imitating Dom Joly then I would point out that he wasn’t as good as the woman sitting behind him who barked out a very Sybil Fawlty-esque order of “Turn that phone off now!”.


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