iTunes revisited

A couple of people prompted me to revise my opinion of iTunes, so I installed on my laptop (at work) which only has a dozen or so albums on it.

OK, so aside from the “ohhh let me re-organize your files” fascination (is this official a bug yet?), I guess it’s pretty smart. A couple of extra features and I’d be sold, in fact, I may already be sold as it hooks up nicely with the iPod, allowing the track rating to be transferred to and fro, meaning even better smartlists.

As has been pointed out elsewhere (an excellent sumary by the way), I think my initial reaction is down to ‘PC control syndrome’. I’m anal enough about keeping my filesystem neat and tidy, and especially so when it comes to ID3 tags in my MP3s, so I’m guessing it shouldn’t be too bad to let iTunes control the folder structure…. maybe….

Or maybe I should buy a Mac. I’ve actually been seriously considering this for home use (not in the near future but next ‘upgrade’ time). I use my home PC for internet access, email, website stuff, a few games and the like, nothing ties me to the PC world particularly… and I DO like the design… hmmmmm

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