The next Freaky Friday

(No not the Jamie Lee Curtis remake of the Jodie Foster movie)

On Friday I’ll finally get this damn cast off my leg, then head to Larkhall to try and get a halloween costume booked, then it’s home and then out to lunch with my parents. Then we’ll book into Lang’s Hotel, and probably go catch a movie, before having dinner, a few drinks, before retiring to our themed suite.

Ohhh and that same day I’ll turn 30.

I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest. At the moment I’m kind of non-plussed, it’s just another birthday after all. But… well, there is something about changing that first digit I guess. I’ll no longer be twenty-something. Of course the fact that I’ve always looked older than my years, have already started the ‘balding’ process (I like to call it ‘thinning’ actually), and have long since been the only one of my group of friends that is married, means that I’ve always felt about 30-something.

One thing that puzzles me though is this, when did turning 30 suddenly become a ‘big’ birthday? I’m pretty sure that it used to be 18, 21 and 40 that were the only ‘big’ birthdays. When did it change?

Ohh and the obligatory “I’m not hinting but..” Amazon wishlist, is over there on the right – where it says Amazon wishlist, ohh alright, lazy bones… My Amazon Wishlist

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