Been a busy old week.

Tuesday night played basketball and met C in the pub (arranging to visit his offices in a couple of weeks).

Wednesday night went out for dinner to the Cricklewood in Bothwell with some friends – plenty of funny stories that won’t be funny to anyone else.

Thursday night, played 5-a-side, visit my Gran in hospital (she was out of bed sitting in a chair, is off her drip, and seems to have the nurses running about after her – so she’s fine ;-), then a spot of shopping in Braehead to buy my Mum a belated birthday present and we bumped into Mel and Joanne that I used to work with.

Tonight we are through at my brother-in-laws for a party – no occasion, more ‘any excuse’.

Tomorrow I REALLY need to get the front garden under control and we are going out for dinner (again) with Susan and Ian.

Sunday – I’ll be in bed.

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