Dieting (again)

14 weeks, 1lb a week = 1 stone before Xmas.

Last time we had a diet competition (well last time I entered) I lost two stone in ten weeks. I’ve put on about 9 lbs since then but I’m reasonably confident of losing two stone again before Xmas. The fact that there will be £60 odd quid at stake has nothing to do with it…

Updated: OK, I think I need to clarify things. I’m NOT that bothered if I don’t lose two stone in the coming fourteen weeks, I’m also not that bothered if I don’t win the money (my competitive nature will see to that no doubt), and I’m not aiming any higher than 2lbs a week for the duration. I will be exercising more and watching what I eat. If I only lose a stone that’s fine. If I only lose 9lbs then that’ll be fine too.

Don’t worry I’m very sensible really. Honestly I am.

Stop laughing at the back!