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Middle Lane Morons.


Why? Is there something wrong with the left-hand lane? I’ve heard a few excuses for this, but the usual seems to be a ‘comfort zone’ thing. The middle lane driver prefers driving there as there is plenty of room round them and they can overtook some cars without having to switch lanes.

If you don’t have enough confidence to overtake on a motorway I would suggest that you shouldn’t be driving on it in the first place. Of course as the majority of drivers took their lessons many years ago, it would be before the introduction of motoroway lessons. Another argument for regular testing?

And for future reference, when I deliberately pull into the left-hand lane, then swerve over into the outside lane (missing your rear bump but close enough to worry you) and then swerve back across your nose (again close but not dangerously so) all the way back to the left-hand lane again I’m trying to make a point! Pull-the-feck-over!

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