Not talking about the weather

All of a sudden we have a hectic social calendar. Nights out pile up, and we hardly get a minute to ourselves. The grass doesn’t get cut when it should, the re-decorating in the bathroom STILL isn’t finished, and even basic things like getting to the supermarket to buy milk becomes something we have to squeeze in between visits, and dinners etc etc.

I’m not complaining of course, far from it (although my bank manager won’t be too happy… again…), but it does make our upcoming holiday seem further away than it really is.

Or is it just me that measures time by upcoming events. This week was ‘after’ a 70s themed 30th birthday party on Saturday night, and my cousin’s 21st last night. Next week is ‘after’ my parents come over for dinner mid-week, we finally make it out to see T3 and Pirates of the Caribbean (that’s Car-ee–bEan, NOT Car-i-bian) a dinner on Friday night for our friend who has finally made it through police training, and then dinner on Saturday night with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, and visiting friends on Sunday (which reminds me that I must confirm this with them…)

We want to get a lot of work done on the front garden before we go, my in-laws have a list of things they would like us to bring with us, and I have outstanding work on two ‘side’ projects to finish before I go…

Roll on the holiday, I’m gonna need it!