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A couple of work colleagues are leaving. Off to try the luck at other companies/ventures. It’s always sad to see people leave, especially people you like, and trust, and are a pleasure to work with.

Why is it that the complete arseholes never leave? I digress …

In the time honoured tradition, a ‘Sorry you are leaving’ card has been purchased and everyone has been invited to proffer best wishes and good luck messages. And there lies the problem.

What do you write in these things? I realise it depends on the person involved, and your working (and social) relationship with them, but I always struggle.

All the best … with your … no … Best of luck, you’ve been fun … no … This place won’t be the same without you …

Cliche follows cliche follows cliche. Then I try and think up something ‘witty’ or something that was shared, a standing joke maybe, or some little work related incident that is still talked about (staying away from anything deigned ‘risky’ of course). In the end I usually plump for “All the best”. (Sidenote: this little phrase covers many types of event, leaving, new baby, promotion, redundancy ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do YOU write in leaving cards? Or, better still, what would you LIKE to write in a leaving card if you had the guts?

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