Friday Karma

Regular readers will know that on Friday we have cakes at work. This Friday I have a meeting at 10:30 so I decided I would go and get them (we work on a volunteer basis). Now bear in mind that for the last 4 days, we have had glorious sunshine, and it’s been lovely walking around the city with the sun and the breeze from the Clyde wafting round the buildings.

Of course, as I had decided to go and get the cakes it rained.

I suppose it’s karmic retribution for my posting on Wednesday: “Apologies for those in the south of England, I gather it’s raining every so slightly down there… shame… “

(Ohh I’d have linked to the post but the archives are screwed again, and hey, it’s only a quick scroll down the page)

This post was drafted whilst walking along Argyll Street. Does anyone else compose posts in their head when they are not at a keyboard?

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