Forgot to mention that we saw Bruce Almighty at the weekend. I can take or leave Jim Carrey when he is being ‘wacky’ but this wasn’t too bad. He was alright (although hardly a stretch for him I think… Hey Jim, just turn up.. ok?). Jennifer Aniston WASN’T Rachel which was good, and Morgan Freeman was good too, but then he’s never bad…

In saying all that I would recommend it for one 10 minute scene. The one with the newsreader guy trying to read the news. I’ve not laughed that hard in ages.

Anyway I was remind to tell you about that because we just got back from Charlies Angels: Full Throttle. Unrealistic, overly styled and quite simply a vehicle to piece together the action scenes. I LOVED IT! Completely pointless but huge fun, well worth it even just to sit and moan at how far fetched the stunts are (and to look at Demi Moore and think… rarrrrr.. ohh and then there’s Cameron… double-rarrrrr)

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