Moving address

*Sniff… It is with great… *sniffle… emotion, that I … *sniff…

Oh, OK, not THAT kind of moving address.

I’m moving email address. One of the first services I signed up for (in 1996 I think) was a Bigfoot email forwarding account. I’ve got two accounts with them, one forwarding to my home account, one to my work account. This meant that for many years I could give people the same address no matter my ISP or job location. Unfortunately the spammers have caught up with Bigfoot and discovered the suffix, and the number of spam emails I am receiving is rising rapidly week after week. Bigfoot are trying to do something about it but they haven’t made any in-roads for several months now, so it’s time to so my fond farewells, adieu, adieu and all that.

So, if you DO have any details stored as my home email address, you’ll need to change them I’m to: ‘gordon [at]’ (do I still need to tell people that [at] means @ and to remove the spaces?)

Now I did read a good article about fighting back against spam a few weeks back so I’m off to dig it out and see if there is anything more I can do.