Month: <span>June 2003</span>

So you’ve spent all day in the garden, stayed up later than you really wanted to keep up-to-date with 24, and you go to bed at 11:30pm. Then, for some unknown reason, you can’t get to sleep. You’re too hot, then too cold, you toss and turn until finally, having glanced at the clock at 2:30am you realise you might just get to sleep…

So, four and a half hours later the alarm goes off. You thump it, harder than usual, and silences returns. Suddenly, instead of the usual 9 minutes, the alarm goes off again. You stir drowsily for a second, wondering why, then you realise that it is 9 minutes later… twice… So you get up 20 minutes later than usual and rush about, only to fall asleep on the train again and only awake when the guy opposite you cracks his briefcase off your knee.

So, I’m quite tired today. Apologies if I ramble, or drool…

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Rabbit, rabbit

Sun was shining, weather was sweet, makes me wanna move, my dancing feet… or at the very least get a spot of much needed gardening done.

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