Calling all europhiles

Did you realise that, according to a journalist in the US of A, Europe still doesn’t get the Internet.

I won’t comment on the fact that… ohh bugger it, I will.. we do get the internet, in fact I have been accessing the internet since 1995. Did you mean, Mr. American Journalist, that Europe doesn’t ‘get’ the Internet.. as in we don’t understand it? I think you did, so how about you tidy up your ‘English’. Thanks.

Reading between the lines, it seems that we (Europe) should create a First Amendment (or borrow one from the USA). It also seems that we (Europe) are seen as one large ‘state’ by some people, whereas we (the UK) are still self-governing, and as it mentions in this article, we (the UK) don’t have a right to reply in place (neither does Ireland or Portugal). Do we need to offer one? Do we all need to add disclaimers to our websites? Is the availability of comments enough to consistute a right to reply arena anyway? (just to be prepared).

It was all a lot simpler back in 1995.

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