Four hours

Not that I’m counting but that’s all the sleep I got last night. Hence I’m knackered and can’t really be bothered doing anything. I’ve struggled to do anything productive work wise, and the redesign has stalled (no thanks to finicky CSS mind you…).

So it’ll be some telly and then bed methinks.

Ohh and I seem to have been switched over to the new Blogger Pro and subsequently have lost my post from earlier today… so here it is again…

7:50 A.M. So you wanna be a writer
Writing a book : an interesting article and has some even more thought provoking comments.

“It’s such a pain to write books, it’s such a bother to go through the publishing process — what kind of person is willing to put him/herself through this? Answer: a very narrow demographic — the obsessed and the ambitious. Exceptions allowed for, this would seem to mean that most of the books we’ve interacted with over the years have been written by people who are nuts.”