Caution is the watch word

Good news. After a ‘relapse’ of sorts she is much much much better today. Looking like she will be discharged on Monday as they want to keep her in tomorrow just to make sure. The sight of her sitting up in bed, smiling and not holding her side and grimacing in pain is… well… hard to put into words, but relief springs into mind.

She had another X-ray and the consultant thinks that it has been a combination of severe internal bruising after her operation last week, and a slight blockage in stomach. The blockage showed up on the first X-ray, but has gone on the second X-ray so it seems like she is on the mend.

Excuse the tone of caution but I thought she was doing OK a couple of days ago only to find her in tears the next morning. This time, however, it seems to be fixed. My angel is coming home!

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