I can’t be bothered. Don’t worry this isn’t another “Ohhh it’s soo hard to think of things to say, and I’ve lost sight of … blah blah blah” diatribe. I’ve lost focus is all. Think I’m visiting too many sites or something, which is a good thing in some ways (especially when you are in the midst* of re-designing your own site), but leaves me wondering what to post… it’s about approach I think.

Another factor, I think, is my increased usage of MSN Messenger. Don’t get me wrong (before I insult virtually everyone on my Contact list) I love it when that little window pops up, but I just need to learn to switch it off more. Ohh that reminds me, if for some obscurely bizarre reason, you would like my MSN details, drop me a line.

* in the midst as in – have scribbled 307 different layouts on paper