Referrer log fallback

Lacking inspiration (and time) at the moment, so into the referrer logs we go.
1. “becoming middle-aged” – 4th on Google, 4TH!!! I’m not even 30 yet! (Oi! Who said it’s only a few months away. Quiet at the back!)
2. Ehhh… ohh the usual guff:
Google: judy finnegan legs
Google: Soft quicksand + pics
Yahoo: x-men 2 uk, itv
Yahoo: “honda cogs”
Yahoo: madonna’s belly pictures
Google: claudia schiffer naked
Google: “get so bad” lyric mom dad
Yahoo: “David Gallagher pics”
Google: something
Yahoo: Necrotizing Fasciitis pics
Google: Lenoxx Sound HT-500
Google: Kirsty Gallacher porn
Google: women kicking men in the nuts
Google: “claudia harrison” +pics
Google: ” leaking brain fluid” calvin hobbes
Google: ikea KANTRA
Google: “becoming middle-aged”

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