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Well my post yesterday (Society Anger) certainly stirred up the proverbial can of worms (or have I got my mixed metaphors muddled up?). I love hear other people’s opinions, such as those made in the comments yesterday, and as ever a few have changed my mind a little. I still believe that a small percentage of the country needs to be clamped down on (as do Scottish Labour if their election policies hold true), as I still believe that we need to have a system of help and support for those families who need it.

What I think we all agree on, no matter your preferred solution, is that this problem has gone on for too long. We are now at the third generation of ‘these’ families, and the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to tackle.

Thanks to all who commented, including the ‘anonymous’ Donalda Bint* who offered the flipside to my point of view, I doubt this is the last I will mention this topic.

* Despite the few hints left in the comments I’m still no nearer figuring out who this is.

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