Salty the Seal

Locally he is being called "Salty the Seal" and is certainly making a stir. All good for my home area, and to think, I used to fish in the Leven (the second fastest flowing river in the UK if memory serves me correctly, or is it Scotland... grrr damn memory...) however I had to pay

Bank Holidays

Ahhh I just love bank holidays. Getting up early, having the entire train carriage to yourself and then being one of only two people (so far) in the office. Yes, I get so much work done when other people aren't about.


OK, I've had photoshop installed on this machine since I got it and it was on my old one for about 2 years. Unfortunately I didn't take the time to play with it that much back then so now, whilst I'm trying to digital touchup some photo's I'm struggling and it's really being to annoy

Where did the weekend go?

OK, this may become a common theme. We spent the day preparing for the next few weeks. Got a lot done, some of which I can't mention as it is a surprise for someone who may read this (nyah nyah na nah nah), although I didn't get my grass cut, that'll be the priority tomorrow

Sunny days

Means I want to be outside. Unfortunately if I'm outside I'll end up doing some gardening as the front grass needs cut, back grass needs scarified, side needs wedded, rockery needs seen to, and I'll be out later watering it anyway...Hey hang on, when did that happen? What happened to sitting in the sun with

Out and about in Glasgow

A friend in New York has friends in Holland who are coming to Glasgow, so she asked me for some insider information about where they should go, and what they should do... It's not a bad list so I thought I'd share it with you all (gee, ain't I nice...)For starters there is a much

Class Tune

New Tune of the Moment, and this one has the consideration of those connecting via modem at heart as it is only just over 500kb (OK, OK, so the quality is lousy).You've GOT to listen to this!

Change places?

The little red boat has gone all Grayblog on us, with short snappy posts. Still funny though.In other news: Can someone please confirm that it is a compliment when people continually walk into you? I'm guessing it's my svelte* figure that makes this happen and not just that people can't look where they are going.

Swish Cottage: 20 20 quiz

I entered, and lost. Still I reckon I got 36 points (making me joint 3rd?). Devilishly difficult in places I struggled with 4 tracks but thankfully the wife got Heaven 17 and Boomtown Rats (much to my amazement it must be said), I really should've got the Madonna track and for some reason I was


Limbless AssociationMoby Scrabble geekEver the business man, Richard BransonThe Penis Blog(yes it IS what you think)Kyodai Mahjonng, or why I was up until 1:30 a.m. this morning...Galactic Toss Monkeys search engine.Ohh and I loved the story in this mornings Metro about Brad Pitt's new wax model (for Tussauds) featuring a squishy bum. Seemingly prompted by