Month: <span>April 2003</span>

“The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, makes me wanna move, those dancing feet”
In an attempt to regain some fitness I’m back at the 5-a-side, unfortunately all it’s doing at the moment is re-affirming just how unfit I am at the moment.

You know the feeling don’t you? Well I’d try and put it into words but Stuart (as usual) says it better than I can.

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Stumbled across this in the Metro this morning. Ayurveda: A Brief Introduction and Guide. The Science of Life “Ayurveda identifies three basic types of energy or functional principles that are present in everyone and everything. Since there are no single words in English that convey these concepts, we use the original Sanskrit words vata, pitta and kapha. These principles can be related to the basic biology of the body.”

The article in the paper was outlining how a company is claiming it can use these principles for the development of team building. I have to say it sounds a bit like the Belbin idea (take on Inspirator, divide by three… etc etc), and similarly it does seem eerily accurate. See if you can ‘pick’ yourself from these:

Vata type:
Do you thrive on variety and actio but have a tendency to burn out easily?
Do you prefer others to work on the finer details?
Do you prefer to talk face to face rather than sending an e-mail?

Do you interact on an intellectual rather than emotional level?
Do you like complex problem solving through analysis and critical thinking?
Are you flexible with others but not when your inner values are at stake?

Do you tend to avoid confrontation at all costs?
Do you love the finer details and are precise with them?
Do you prefer e-mail rather than talk face to face?

So which are you? And can you guess which I am?

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The man they call Lyle (to his face) reminds me of a story about names, or to be more precise, the story of my name.

My Mum was named Lynda Gordon, and on marrying my Dad became Lynda McLean (you can see where this is heading already can’t you). Soon the lovely couple decided to produce a lovely little baby. Unfortunately for them they got lumbered with me but I digress.

What to call me? Neal? (Neale?), Murray? They couldn’t make up their minds (ohhh except I was to be Joanne if I was a girl). They eventually decided on Gordon. Simple enough name really, Gordon McLean. Everyone agreed it was a lovely name for a cute little baby (I really was you know).

Alas my Gran got a bit confused…
“It’s a boy!” my parents said.
“Ohhh wonderful, what’s his name then?” my Gran asked.
“Gordon” said my parents
“… ehh… Gordon?” pondered my Gran
“Yes” said my parents
“What… Gordon Gordon?” queried my Gran.
“No Mum, I got married.” said my Mum.

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But OHHH how very funny…

IKEA KANTRA knob rack: “Can be placed in any height and therefore suitable for both children and grown-ups”.

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OK, most Brits know who Reg Dwight is, but what about Demetria Guynes? Or Marie MacDonald McLaughlin Lawrie? Or Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere, or Arnold George Dorsey… ohh I could go on, but I won’t as you can find them all at Famous Name Changes.

So, what would you change your name to?

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Nine years ago tonight, after a night out with some friends, I suggested to Louise we get married. As the records show, she said yes and made me a very very happy man indeed. Tonight we have a celebration planned. We will tidy up the house a bit, and probably collapse into bed as we are both knackered from the past few week’s exertions (ohh yes, I’m playing 5-a-side after work first…). Romantic eh!

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My in-laws are moving to Spain next week. So today we had a going away ‘do’ (a buffet lunch and a ‘few’ drinks). We had organised a family portrait of the ‘kids’ (Louise and I, her brother and her sister and her four kids), made up a couple of t-shirts for my father-in-law featuring a couple of his well known ‘words’ (hingfer and fisht) and a couple of other little bits and bobs.

It was a good day and we’ve just gotten home and I’m off to bed as we are both knackered.

Ohhh and for the record, I DO get on with my in-laws, they are great and I will miss them almost as much as Louise will.

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So I can’t really be sitting here waffling away for you lot…

Some pics from last night will surface later, although I won’t mention the tea slurping incident…

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