Too much to do

So I can't really be sitting here waffling away for you lot...Some pics from last night will surface later, although I won't mention the tea slurping incident...

Nigella changes tack

Nigella Lawson is abandoning her cooking career because she is fed up with being known as "a domestic goddess".I'm all for Ms.Lawson wanting to change the direction of her career. She is a successful woman and is entitled to do what she likes. I just have one teensy-weensy little condition. Can she please make a

Gadget envy

My contract is up so it is new mobile phone time methinks... But which one?Tariff has to be cross network, phone must have gadgets. Currently I'm heading towards the Orange SPV (my mate has one and it is very smart aside from the fact it is running on an MS OS... blue screen of death

Simple things

Woke up in grumpy mood.Got on train at 8 am.Sat on stationary train for an hour and a half.Finally got off train at 10:05 am.Even grumpier now.Phoned boss and took the rest of the morning off.Bought a Real Madrid top (sorry Gert) in Foot Locker.Stop feeling grumpy.Notice the retro basketball shoes from Nike of which


Lots done today, both for work and at home including cutting my grass (only about 4 weeks overdue). Out tomorrow night for a meal at Pancho Villa in Glasgow (yum Mexican!) for a work colleagues birthday (she's a lday so I won't tell you that she is the same age as I will be in

10 years

I got a letter today, it was short, succinct and to the point. It brought a little smile to my face. It read:"Dear Mr.McLean,Further to your recent repayment. We would confirm that your Student Loan(s) for the account(s) detailed above have now been repaid in full."Now I just have to figure out what I'll do

I'm number 471

Following on nicely from my previous post about the female anatomy (or whatever I was wittering on about) I hear that Natasha (Atomic 'the coverband' Kitten) and Ronan (Damn why did I leave Boyzone) top the "Rear of the Year" chart for 2003. Not such a big deal except for the weird picture that Ananova

Beauty is in the eye…

Are you a 'leg man'?I've often wondered about the whole classification of male 'type' by female anatomy, personally I like.. well lots of things in a woman - mainly curves. When asked what my favourite part of a female's anatomy is my usual reply is "their eyes" (still in their pretty heads of course).It's really

Reminder to myself

Tonight, presuming I survive the 5-a-side and after the Man U game:1. Tidy up2. Put some photo's onto CD (you know why)3. Print draft images as a sampler for frames4. Find/write a javascript that will search named directories and display arandom image from those found there (cos you really don't want to have toremember to

A present? For me??

Isn't it just great when you get home and there is a little padded envelope waiting for you? And isn't it even better when you had forgotten you had ordered something? Well simple things and all that, but I ordered a Media Hub last week and swiftly forgot all about it. Anyway, it's hooked up

I DO believe!

Errr except I don't, not fully. So it was with great amusement that I took the Belief-O-Matic test (via Moi).The results:1. Unitarian Universalism (100%) 2. Theravada Buddhism (88%) 3. Liberal Quakers (88%) 4. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (84%) 5. Neo-Pagan (80%) 6. Secular Humanism (77%) 7. Mahayana Buddhism (77%) 8. New Age (76%) 9.

Only in…

Well the phrase, that I've heard oft mentioned, but not 'oft' enough to become a cliche was "Only in America" (coupled with a raising motion of the eyebrows). Typically this was a response to another news story about stupid people who happen to come from America (no I'm not saying Americans are stupid, but you


Is there no end to the pain and misery that we have to endure? When will the suffering end? Why must everything bad happen to me? Is there any point in going on? etc etc ad nauseum....S Club to split up.I just can't believe it, my life is in tatters.This post has been brought to

David Gallagher

Prompted, in part by Gert, I thought I'd go a little further than check my referrers but actually go and find out something about some of the more frequent ones. Now considering the top 5 are (in no particular order):1. "Kylie's bum"2. "kicking men in the nuts"3. "Kirsty Gallacher"4. "David Gallagher"5. "something"I thought I'd pick