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A friend in New York has friends in Holland who are coming to Glasgow, so she asked me for some insider information about where they should go, and what they should do… It’s not a bad list so I thought I’d share it with you all (gee, ain’t I nice…)

  • For starters there is a much more comprehensive website available, The Glasgow Website which has coverage of all the major sights and events going on in and around Glasgow.
  • As with most large cities the guided bus tour is a good way of getting round the city centre sights, and is usually informative. Depends how much of a ‘tourist’ you want to be!
  • The Burrell Collection is well enough known I think, but is worth highlighting.
  • The CCA on Sauciehall Street is good – contemporary art, a nice bar and an excellent restaurant.
  • The Hillhouse in Helensburgh, a 40 minute train ride away, is the previous home of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, I used to work just down the road from there at Crossaig.
  • The Riverside Club for a good Scottish night out.

The Gallery of Modern Art, Princes Square (for some shopping), Counting House pub (crap pub but impressive inside, used to be a bank don’t ya know), Cafe India (one of the best Indian restaurants in the UK seemingly), and a myriad of other places popped into my head but, as is typical of most people I think, I haven’t ‘done’ that many things in Glasgow. This is something Louise and I are hoping to put right this summer, with a long weekend spent touring Glasgow. The best bit of that kind of ‘holiday’ is that you get to go home to your own bed every night!

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