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So I’ve got a new digital camera (found the ON button so all is well, thanks Gert). Obviously I will soon be dazzling you all with my profound images, and that, in turn, means I need to find some where to display them. Not being a MT user I will need to use my own skills to put a random thumbnail in the sidebar (a la Meg), but what then? I’ve looked at the navigation of the site (the bar across the top anyway) and wondered if I need all those separate links. I think the last ‘piece’ I’ve written was late last year. Should I just bung them altogether under ‘Asides’ (stolen from Vaughan) and be done with it. And so the reassessment of this website continues. What do I use it for? Why do I have it… etc etc.


In other news, I’m in a reasonably chirpy mood and might even get off my fat arse and get to the gym tonight.

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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