Friday at last
Been a long week for me, and already I can see my weekend shrinking (mainly cos I forgot about the family lunch thing on Sunday).

Today is cake day = good
Today is our PS footie tournament after work = good (although I’m short of practise)
Today is Comic Relief Day = good for others (remember to visit Mike and leave him a comment (he only needs a few more to get the target of 235!)

Ohh and not only did I not make it to the gym last night, the pub quiz was cancelled because of the Celtic vs. Liverpool game, which I should’ve guessed to be honest, all of which leaves me with a weekend that looks like this:

  • Clear out bathroom cupboard
  • Clear out understair cupboard
  • Get new shower fitted (at last!)
  • Get haircut
  • Go to gym
  • Paint bedroom
  • Re-format old PC
  • Tidy office and shuffle desk
  • Sunday – go for family lunch (at Duck Bay Marina on Loch Lomond)

I might need a sugar fix to get through the weekend, so I’m off to get me some cherry lips pear drops ohhh I just can’t decide….