London Calling
If you live in London I’ll be in your neck of the woods during the first weekend in April. Question is, what do we do when we get there?

We are visiting some friends who live in Teddington, but I guess we will head towards the bright lights at some point, and I’d much rather have a few things planned than end up aimlessly wandering around and then queueing for days to get on the London Eye.

I have one ‘would-like-to-see’ on my list: Marsyas (courtesy of Stuart and Mike).

So, London dwellers (or regular visitors to the capital of Engerlund), what would YOU do if you only had one day in London.

Points of note:

  • We are not adverse to rising early and staying up late.
  • We have done the bus tours.
  • We will consider anything, museums, events, places to eat, places to sit and watch the world go by.
  • We would quite like to finally make it onto the London Eye.
  • We ARE NOT going to the Aquarium again (so spoketh the wife – hey, I like watching fish!)

Comments please!

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